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hospitality industry equipment

The need for trolleys in the hospitality industry is varied and we cannot hope to meet every requirement, however, we have tried to cover as many of these as we can by making our range versatile. The trolleys built specifically for this purpose are shown here.
TX/200 Cleaners Trolley


TX/200 - Cleaners Trolley

The cleaners trolley is a steel tube frame with wires mesh and is fitted to the NB-100 trolley base. The frame is mounted at the back of the base leaving room at the front for a mop bucket, vacuum cleaner or other large items. This space extends under the rear frame to take additional or larger equipment. There are two wire mesh shelves with an edge frame to contain detergents, cleaning cloths, brushes etc. The top of the tube frame is left open to take brooms, mops and dusters.

The trolley has a handle at the rear with hooks which support a blue poly canvas bag for rubbish.

TX200 Cleaners Trolley Diagram

Janitor's Cart

The Rubbermaid Janitor's Cart and accessories shown to the left are of high quality moulded plastic construction. Items available are:

6173 GREY Janitor's cart 116mmL X 552mmW X 975mmH
complete with vinyl bag.
6181 YELLOW Locking cabinet to suit Janitor's Cart
6183 YELLOW Replacement vinyl bag with zipper


Janitor's Cart


TX/210 Housemaid without bag
Housemaid trolley -
without bag (standard)

TX/210 Plan view


TX/210 - HOUSEMAID TROLLEY -without bag (standard)

The housemaid trolley consists of two end frames bolted to a trolley base. The base is fitted with 125mm castors, 2 fixed and 2 swivel. This makes the trolley handle well and the soft rubber tyres keep the noise to a minimum. The corners are fitted with rubber buffers to protect walls and doorways. Both end frames are the same and 50mm x 50mm wire mesh and provision to bolt a handle in place. The handle is normally fitted to the frame at the fixed castor end, however, an extra handle (TX/214) can be supplied to allow two bags to be fitted. The trolley is supplied with 3 shelves. These are tube frame fitted with mesh and they hook onto the wire mesh on the ends which makes them adjustable to suit your needs. Two plastic trays are supplied to sit on one of the shelves and carry small items such as tea, coffee, milk, etc. The top of the tube frame is left open to take brooms, mops, dusters and other equipment.
The trolley is supplied with one handle but, because the bag is not always required this is available as an option extra with the standard trolley TX/210, or as part of the trolley when purchased as TX/212.


TX/212 Housemaid with Bag
Housemaid's trolley
with bag

Other equipment also available includes an extra handle to take a second bag. The handle can be bolted on or just hooked to the mounting plate. We also make a small shelf consisting of a tube frame with a mesh base. It can be suspended from the mesh panel at the end of the trolley and is used to carry things such as a mop bucket or vacuum cleaner. If used in conjunction with a handle (TX/214), it can be used to stack long items standing on end. Details of products in this part of our range are shown in the list below.




TX/216 Linen Trolley - 3 Tier

The linen trolley is essentially a tall housemaid's trolley. The construction is the same, and it is also supplied with 3 shelves but the end panels are 450mm taller. This allows greater spacing between shelves to carry larger loads and bulky items such as blankets.


TX/210 Housemaid's Trolley - without bag
TX/211 Cover for Housemaid's trolley - blue vinyl
TX/212 Housemaid's Trolley - with one bag
TX/213 Housemaid's Trolley Bucket shelf
TX/214 Housemaid's Trolley Extra handle
TX/215 Small Items Tray - Housemaid's Trolley
TX/216 Linen Trolley - 3 tier
TX/217 Cover for Linen Trolley - Blue Vinyl
TX/212 Replacement Bag - Housemaid's Trolley




The mop bucket trolley has a sliding hook which is designed to clip onto the side of a standard bucket and allow it to be wheeled within a building, up and down stairs or across uneven ground. It is hot dip galvanised and fitted with 75mm diameter nylon wheels.

TX/225 diagram


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