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miscellaneous trolleys


Upright Wheelout Trolley

Upright Wheelout Trolley Diagram


The original trolley was designed to carry groceries to customers cars, but it has since been used in many other jobs. One such job is to carry legal briefs and files to and from court. Its construction has changed to cover these jobs as well as to strengthen weaknesses we found in the old models. The trolley frame is made from 25.4mm round tube with sides, back, base and shelves in 25x25x3mm welded wire mesh. This stops small items falling out and at the same time braces and reinforces the entire trolley to stop it breaking away at the handle which was a problem with earlier models. The surface is finished in chrome and it has plastic hand grips. The 200mm rear wheels are fixed, and mounted on axles in the same way as our standard hand truck range while the front has heavy duty 75mm swivel plate mounted castors ensuring excellent strength and load carrying ability. The shelves are designed to lift up to allow for tall items. It can be supplied in single shelf (TX/005 UPRIGHT WHEEL-OUT TROLLEY) or double shelf (TX/010 UPRIGHT FILE TROLLEY) styles as shown.

TX/010 - Upright File Trolley  



NOTE: can also be supplied with stair climber wheels and with vinyl cover.



The parcel pick-up trolley is designed to hold grocery orders waiting for pick-up. It is a fully welded construction and has a powder coated finish. It has three shelves of 25x50x3mm wire mesh over a 25mm tube frame. There are 10mm bars to three sides to contain parcels. The trolley is fitted with 4x125mm swivel castors.




TX/125 Merchandise Trolley with door



Merchandise Trolley Diagram

The Merchandise trolley is for handling and labelling of small items and other merchandise. The construction is a 25mm square tube frame for strength with sheet metal panels fitted to this. The trolley has a removable rubbish bin to take packets and other waste material and a lift up flap on one side to give extra area when pricing. It has a drawer just below the top and is fitted with four 125mm swivel castors. The TX/125 has an open compartment as well as three shelves behind a lockable door.


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