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The case and crate trolley has a flat back and is taller and narrower than the standard trolleys. It is designed to take drink crates, boxes, cartons and other square items. It has the standard straight "U" shaped frame for strength and ease of handling with cross tubes in the sides positioned to allow it to be held in a number of ways. This trolley is narrow to make it easier to fit through small doorways and into tight storerooms common in shops and milk bars. They are commonly used for soft drink and milk deliveries.




This standard height trolley is for movement of washing machines, small refrigerators and other appliances. The cross bars which are welded on the front of the frame are in tube for strength, with a central vertical bar in flat to take a safety ratchet strap to retain the load on the trolley. The toe slopes slightly at the front for ease of picking up crates and fitting under appliances.




This is a similar frame but taller than the ET6 Appliance trolley. It is designed for moving larger refrigerators and appliances. The extra height gives better leverage and improved handling for tall items and better control on stairs, allowing the user to stand more upright although on a higher step. The frame has the standard centre bar to take a ratchet strap. Because of the extra length in the frame and probable higher loads, the frame has a reinforcing plate at the base and cross bracing in the side frames.


  ET 13 - 4 Wheel Cylinder Handtruck  


The ET 13 is a new development from Ento. The requirement for a handtruck that could hold a large roll of carpet, a G size gas bottle, or a 45 kg LPG bottle, something that was universal.

The ET 13 has unique characteristics, a set of rear wheels fold out to support heavy loads such as floor vinyl or oxy acetylene bottles. The fold away section allows the handtruck to be stored away conveniently or the hand truck can be left unattended in the open position (as shown in the top photo). The frame has a V shaped support that centers the rounded load and stops it from rolling . A ratchet strap was also added to support larger, more difficult loads.

The ET 13 has a solid steel toe and the frame is constructed of steel tube and bar, making it strong and durable. The wheels of the ET 13 consist of 2 - 280 mm solid rubber wheels that are designed to take heavy loads, and 2 -125 mm swivel castors on the fold out section for support and ease of movement.



  ET LIQUOR - Ento Liquor Handtruck


The ET LIQUOR or Ento Liquor Trolley is one of the strongest handtrucks in our range. It is designed to carry cartons of beer, wine and soft drink.
The toe has been strengthened to support a maximum weight of 200 Kgs, or 8 slabs of VB.

The ET Liquor Handtruck is made of steel tube with extra structural bars under the toe to support the load to which it can carry. Solid steel has been welded to the rear of the frame to add strength to stop the load on the toe from buckling the frame. The ET Liquor frame is unique in our range as it has been specifically designed for ease of movement when dealing with heavy boxed loads. Two 280mm pneumatic wheels support as well as make transportation of supplies easier.

The ET Liquor comes standard in maroon but other colours are available on request.


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