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4 wheel customer trolleys

TX/021 Basket Trolley

Basket Trolley

Special transport basket style trolley. Used for transporting reams of material on bolts. Style enables wide rolls of material not to fall out.


TS/120 Single Deck Flat Galvanised Trolley
1230mm X 720mm

TS/120 Single Deck Galvanised Trolley

The TS/120 is a 4 wheel version of the 6 wheel stock trolley (TS/065) for use where a 4 wheel construction is preferred.
The base is fitted with two fixed and two swivel 200mm castors which enable ease of use when loaded.


TS/130 Triple Deck Flat Galvanised Trolley
1230mm X 720mm X 1315mm high

TS/130 Triple Deck Trolley

The TS/130 is modified from the TS/120 (above). Where two extra decks have been added.
The middle shelf is 575mm from the base and the top shelf is 425mm form the middle shelf.


TSM/460GS      TROLLEY - MEDIUM DUTY 4 wheel 460x990mm
TSM/565GS      TROLLEY - MEDIUM DUTY 4 wheel 565x1140mm

TSM/460GS Trolley
Medium Duty - 4 wheel

This trolley is a medium duty version of the standard six wheel stock trolleys (TS/065 & TS/075) for use where a 4 wheel construction is preferred. The trolley deck is a modified top deck from the standard trolley so it has all the strengths and features including buffers on the front corners. The base is fitted with 2 fixed and 2 swivel 125mm castors. A top deck can be also manufactured for these trolleys.



Note: This trolley can also be manufactured as a two tier (double deck) trolley or in stainless steel for use in high corrosion areas on request.



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